About Us

We are an indigenous Community Based Organization currently operating in Wakiso district, Uganda. We promote sustainability consciousness and awareness through participatory involvement in environmental conservation initiatives. We recognize that environmental concerns of resource scarcity and environmental degeneration are among the leading causes of community conflicts. This being the case, we champion community development and environmental conservation activities that promote a peaceful co-existence between humanity and nature.



To play a leading role in the restoration and preservation of the functionality and integrity of the ecological systems and natural processes that sustain life on Earth.


Core values

  • Environmental consciousness of and respect for nature
  • Live and work for peace through peaceful¬† and environment-sensitive means
  • Embracing sustainability as away of life

Organizational Focus

  • Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation
  • Ecological restoration
  • Sustainable energy
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable environment and social enterprises


Mission Statement

Peace advances environmental integrity, while environmental stability enhances the prospects for peace.

Our mission underscores the need to promote:

  • Community understanding of the importance of conserving the environment as a means of fostering peaceful co-existence with nature.
  • Ecological restoration by integrating indigenous conservation approaches and contemporary methods.
  • Sustainable harnessing of nature as a means of reducing household poverty.
  • Environmental and social justice as a means of fostering ecological sustainability.
  • The propagation and dissemination of endangered indigenous flora.