How to become part of the TEEP cause;

There are various ways in which you can identify yourself with the TEEP Initiative.You can be an;


Self-motivated persons, who are passionate about TEEP’s activities, are welcome to participate as interns or volunteers. Such activities may include but not limited to tree planting, sensitization campaigns, clean-up activities, sustainable environmental undertakings


TEEP values and welcome advice from persons rich with indigenous sustainability knowledge,traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous technologies, and those skilled in contemporary sustainability practices. 



TEEP appreciates persons willing to articulate and voice environmental concerns to a wider audience, with a view of fostering, awareness,participation, and change in the course of action.



The importance of research in both the academia and social life has always remained critical to many improvements. In this very spirit, TEEP cherishes the practice and aspires to embed research into its sustainability endeavours for better results. Thus, the Initiative will collaborate with students and researchers (wherever and whenever possible), to achieve its objectives.