TEEP Initiative Objectives

(a) To unite and work with persons and organizations that stand for the environmental cause.

(b) To organize local communities (in areas of operation) to participate in planning and execution of the Initiative’s activities.

(c)  To cater for the welfare of all members of the TEEP Initiative.

(d) To provide training and sensitization about sustainable resource use in communities of operation.

(e)  To champion environmental rehabilitation initiatives like re-afforestation

(f)  To establish a centre for the propagation of indigenous tree species, especially those that are endangered.

(g)   Acquiring land for afforestation of all possible indigenous species, giving attention to endangered flora (This will be called a Green-Peace museum).

(h) Tobe a pinnacle/model of environmental-care approaches in daily life dealings.

(i)  To co-operate with other organizations for the purpose of environmental rejuvenation and peaceful living.

(j)  To promote use of renewable energy (green energy solutions)

(k) To conduct research on the contribution of vegetational environment (flora) to peace and peaceful living and disseminate the findings.

(l)  To spearhead tree planting (and flower planting where appropriate) campaigns along highways, roads, streets,town squares and village squares.

(m) To encourage proper garbage disposal

(n) To establish a demonstration/learning centre of conservation work