Governance and Leadership

The Core Steering Committee

TEEP is headed by three founding members, namely: the Partner in-charge of environmental justice and social development, the Partner in-charge of ecosystem conservation and ecological restoration and the Partner in charge of environmental entrepreneurship. These are assisted by  community representatives who are identified from the project area.

Below are the details of the founding members and their competences;

a) Mr. Bendicto Kabiito: Partner in charge of environmental justice and social development.

Professionally,Kabiito Bendicto is a conflict transformation expert and currently teaching at the Department of Good Governance and Peace Studies (Uganda Martyrs University). He is a graduate of Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management (UMU) and B.Phil (Urban). Kabiito is a researcher in peace and conflict issues, and an environmental conversationalist. He has five years of hands-on engagement in conservation work and a key pioneer of the Equator Greenbelt Project (of Uganda Martyrs University).


b) Mr. Leonard Ssozi: Partner in charge of ecosystem conservation and ecological restoration.  He is TEEP's Interim Managing Partner.

Ssozi is a development and sustainability professional. He is a researcher in indigenous knowledge and ecological sustainability, and has published in this area. He has six years of solid administrative work, knowledge management and financial services experience obtained from Educational and Banking Institutions. He is experienced in managing community environment programmes. Ssozi holds a MSc in Education for Sustainability (LSBU), MSc in Development Economics (UMU) and a Bachelor of Information and Office Management (Mak). He is very passionate about sustainable development and cultural ecology.

c) Mr. Willy Kanatta- Partner in charge of environmental entrepreneurship

Willy is a social scientist. He has over ten years of administrative experience as a Local Council Executive where he has been involved in implementation of government agricultural and health projects. He holds a BA (Mak), Cert in Law (LDC), PGD and MA (Mak) with a bias in social work and social administration.


Associate members

These are co-opted to undertake specific technical tasks as the need may arise.


Co-opted Members

Ms. Agnes Kabalyanga- Project Accountant and Procurement Officer

Agnes holds a Certificate in Agro-ecology & BA in Business Administration and Management. She has ample experience in financial services and logistics management obtained from financial institutions and the conservation sector.

Human resources and project coordination:

Mr. Willy Kanatta is the Interim People Resource Advisor and Project Coordinator

Village Resourceful persons

Mr. Ntege Godfrey-community mobilization

Mr. Sita Joshua